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At Stagedoor Studios, whether you are an actor, dancer, playwright, or have the passion for the technical aspects of theatre, we have got something for everyone. Immersing yourself in after school classes or for a fun weekend, you can explore all areas of performance and enjoy what you are most passionate about. Dive into the theatrical world guided by seasoned professionals who will inspire and motivate you.

Vocal Coaching


All Ages

Taught by David Carl

Registration Deadline is January 5,2020

Students will have the opportunity to get more from their songs; more from the music, lyrics & content. This is a class designed with a more individualized focus. Students may also have the chance to learn more about video auditions and how they play a key role in the audition process. 

Class Days & Times:

Tues. Jan. 12 from 7 - 8pm EST

Tues. Jan. 19 from 7 - 8pm EST

Tues. Jan. 26 from 7 - 8pm EST

Tues. Feb. 2 from 7 - 8pm EST

Tues. Feb 9 from 7 - 8pm EST

Tues. Feb 16 from EST


 Contemporary Jazz Dance 

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*Intermediate/Advanced Level 

Ages 10 – 18

Taught by Maggie Savoie


This class will introduce you to and build on the concepts of Contemporary dance. We will focus on fluidity of movement, grounding, follow through, spirals, fall and release and emotions through movement while also building on a strong technical base. This class will consist of a set technical warm up, stretching, strength building and the majority of each class will be devoted to learning contemporary choreography combinations


*This is an intermediate and up level class. Dancers should have some prior dance training in ballet, modern or jazz techniques as this is not an introductory course.   

Past Classes Offered


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All Ages

Taught by Chris Tyer


This class is meant to be an introduction to playwriting in which students will explore the different areas that will serve as a way to start a play, no matter what the length. Students will use images, music, and personal experiences to create characters, settings, and plot that they will be able to use to foster ideas for writing projects.



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Ages 13– 18

Taught by Jason Wiggins


This class is designed to explore a more in-depth look at the acting process and to refine the performers abilities. It will also help in the preparation for students to progress to the Acting III course in the future. A medium between Acting I and Acting III, this class offers the continued study of performing, emphasizing the realistic techniques of acting, discovering different styles and methods through one-on-one and ensemble work, text analysis and table work. Acting II will dive even further into the fundamentals of the actor by offering guidance in beats, intentions, motivation, emotion and much more. By the completion of the course, students will be able to find a much stronger connection between themselves, the text and the overall "honesty & truth" of a character.

(Prerequisite to enroll in Acting II: Any student that is 13 years of age and has attended Stagedoor Manor during past summers should have already met the criteria by taking Basic Acting. If students enrolling are NEW to Stagedoor Manor and are 13 years or older, you should have a strong understanding of the basic concepts of acting technique and style. Students may be asked to provide a list of acting/technique classes they have taken either at Stagedoor, Workshops or at School) 




All Ages

Taught by Mary Joy Nelson


This class is all about the nuts & bolts of singing. Students will discover such techniques as proper support, breathing, how to expand your range, intonation and all the necessities that make up the foundation of proper singing. Singing Tech is designed to help make the singer feel more confident in how they use their voice. (All Ages)



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Ages 10 – 13

Taught by Emma Townsend


How does an actor approach a scene? How do they discover the shape of a scene? And more importantly, how do they act the scene? This class will help the student create an honest and dynamic performance through the dissection of scenes from all types of scripts. Our younger students will explore age appropriate material that will help them get a better understanding of scene structure. Not only will students discover some incredibly written scenes, but this class will help develop and strengthen skills, such as, emotional connection or character development.



Ages 14 – 18

Taught by Nick Hrutkay


Through listening to songs, watching video clips, analyzing scenes, and workshopping material, these classes are an introduction to the milestones of the history of cult musicals, such as The Rocky Horror Show, Carrie, Bat Boy, Hedwig and the Angry InchChess, and many more. In the context of the cultural, political, and social environment in which songs and scenes were originally written, students will also apply acting and script analysis techniques to explore various cult musicals formed in the history of musical theater.


(Some parts of these workshops may include musicals with suggested sexual content and adult language. Students should be mature enough to discuss such content).  



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Ages 10 – 12

Taught by Jen Curfman


What makes an actor so honest on stage? Do the terms stage left, downstage, upstage, stage right, blocking, intentions and other terms hold meaning when you hear them? Acting I provides students the knowledge base of these types of terms as well as how to create character, relationships, dialogue, and action.  This class with allow the students to obtain a much stronger understanding of objectives, tactics, vocal flexibility, breathing, trusting your instincts while exploring scene work, character analysis, and the acting basics. Acting I will guide students through moments of creating spontaneity and discovering how to connect with basic emotions on stage all while making it seem as natural as possible.

Scene Study II

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Ages 14 - 18

Taught by Jennifer Bauer - Conley


How does an actor approach a scene? How do they discover the shape of a scene? And more importantly, how doe they act the scene? This class will help the student create an honest and dynmaic performance through the dissection of scenes from all types of scripts. Our older students will explore a bit more mature material that will challenge then as well as to help get a better understanding of scene structure. Not only will discover some incredibly written scene, but his class will help develop and strengthen skills, such as, emotional connection or character development.  



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All Ages

Taught by Maggie Savoie


This is a class where students can learn a variety of musical theatre dance numbers. All ages are welcome, dancers and movers, and there is no need to audition. The musical numbers chosen to work on are purely decided when the staff member sees the class’ strengths. Students must wear clothes they can move in, appropriate footwear and hair out of their face.

Monologue Prep

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Ages 14 – 18

Taught by Marie Nicole


There is nothing more complicated than chosing that perfect piece to present at an audition.  So, the question becomes how to choose the best monologue for you; suitability – expected audience – performance spaces – “castability” and stereotyping – building a history – setting and staging the piece. In Monologue Prep, students shall discover the underlying intentions within the monologue that will help land the role by actually working on monologues in class. This class will offer insight into things like beats, intentions, moments, character understanding and more.

*NOTE: Students who register for the class should come prepared to the first class with at least one memorized monologue. 

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