Our one of a kind information course is taught by our prestigious Stagedoor staff who are knowledgeable around the college audition process. This class intensive will meet  to provide our students with guidance to help prepare them for what lies ahead in the college application process.

Musical Theater Class Dates

March 12, 19, 26

Acting Theater Class Dates

April 2 & 9

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(Please note that times are subject to change.)

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Taught by Justin Amellio - Ashbrook

"This acting workshop will focus on introducing the students to the necessary skills required to get the most of their college auditions. The main points of focus for this workshop will revolve around helping students leverage material choice, prepare with individuality at the forefront, start with substance and make their marks. This workskhop seeks to provide each studen with the most imipactful tools for their individualied and continued preparations toward their college auditions"


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Taught by Marcus Baker

"In this workshop there will be discussion of how to find material that will be not only appropriate for you but will make available the essential that is you. The student will be given the tools to activate their acting choices through textual analysis and the application of specific focus questions as well as understanding the importance of physical focus and the moment before.  Students should come to the workshop with at least one song prepared and have sent the PDF of the song-cut to me through Dropbox. I will provide an accompaniment track for the student from the PDF. There will also be discussion of how to find material that will be not only appropriate for you but will make available the distinction that is you."



dance prep class


Taught by Nichole Chamberlain

"This workshop will focus on preparing you for the dance audition. Students will be introduced to terminology and technique commonly used in dance auditions and will work on mock audition combo’s where they will focus on learning choreography quickly, adding style to technique and learning how to really make an impact with their auditions. In addition we will cover audition etiquette, the difference between filmed and live dance auditions and how to find the dance education for you."


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