College Connection is a unique, one of a kind program, designed to help high school students and their parents navigate what can be a confusing and challenging application process. Through our programming, we offer three different options for students:


These workshops touch on every part of the audition process for colleges. Musical Theater Classes include: Vocal Coaching, Monologue and Dance Audition Prep.



Interactive Q&A sessions provide information about the various types of theater college programs through our Stagedoor alumni college students currently attending these fine institutions.



We use our massive alumni base to help you make personal connections and answer more detailed questions about specific programs.

We started our program to meet the needs of the many families that expressed a need for Stagedoor to help guide them through the complicated college application journey. How do I choose the right program? How can I speak to some students who actually go to my schools of interest? How do I tackle the audition? Do I need a coach?

As educators, we decided to make a program that is affordable, help the students find their individual selves in their audition pieces, figure out how to look for a program that suits their needs, educate them on programs they haven't heard of yet, and bring our students to a place where they can breath a sigh of relief and feel the excitement in finding their new home, beyond Stagedoor.

Our program is not like any other, it is dynamic, informative, and helps the student elevate themselves to their full potential. Scholarships are available by contacting hayley@stagedoormanor.com for more information. Please scroll down to learn more about each offering:


Our prep courses are taught by our prestigious Stagedoor staff who are knowledgeable about the college audition process. These class intensives will meet to provide our students with guidance to help prepare them for what lies ahead in the college application process.


We are excited to offer nine weeks of college prep classes beginning in December 2022. Please see our Plans & Pricing Page for package details.

Scholarships are available by contacting hayley@stagedoormanor.com for more information. 


College Connections is offering a series of four classes for your organizational needs in the college audition process. Our advisor, Nick Hrutkay, is the Education Director of Stagedoor Manor having coached students through numerous college applications processes. He knows exactly how stressful and complicated it can all feel, and is here to help you. Our Advising and Audition Material Prep classes save parents time, energy, and frustration in guiding the organizational and strategic parts of the applying process, while allowing your child to be prepared for the artistic responsibilities involved in auditioning for universities. 

If you are planning to work with Nick, we strongly recommend that you have your list of schools that you are applying for and the necessary information for each specific school before classes start. Nick will aid you in everything from school list prep, class requirements for schools, choosing appropriate audition material, and more. 


Week 1: Sat. Dec. 3 from 12 - 2pm

Week 2: Sat. Dec. 10 from 12 - 2pm

Week 3: Sat. Jan. 14 from 12 - 2pm

Week 4: Sat. Jan. 21 from 12 - 2pm


Our coaching classes will meet for several hours each week starting the week of Feb. 3, 2023. Students will receive personalized coaching on their college audition material in the areas of acting, music, and dance. We will help you with the taping of your audition from beginning to end. Both Full Musical Theater and Monologue Only packages available. 


Week 5: Feb. 4th 12 - 2pm & 2:30 - 4:30pm EST

Feb. 5th 2:30 - 4:30pm EST

Week 6: Feb. 11th 12 - 2pm & 2:30 - 4:30pm EST

Feb. 12th 2:30 - 4:30pm EST 

Week 7: Feb. 25th 12 - 2pm & 2:30 - 4:30pm EST

Feb. 26th 2:30 - 4:30pm EST

Week 8: March 4th 12 - 2pm & 2:30 - 4:30pm EST

March 5th 2:30 - 4:30pm EST

Week 9:  March 11th 12 - 2pm EST & 2:30-4:30pm EST

March 12th 2:30 - 4:30pm EST

For questions, please contact: 


(Please note that times and dates are subject to change.)


JAmellio Headshot.jpg

Taught by Justin Amellio - Ashbrook

"This acting workshop will focus on introducing the students to the necessary skills required to get the most of their college auditions. The main points of focus for this workshop will revolve around helping students leverage material choice, prepare with individuality at the forefront, start with substance and make their marks. This workskhop seeks to provide each studen with the most imipactful tools for their individualied and continued preparations toward their college auditions"

Bklyn 1.jpg


Marcus .jpg

Taught by Marcus Baker

"In this workshop there will be discussion of how to find material that will be not only appropriate for you but will make available the essential that is you. The student will be given the tools to activate their acting choices through textual analysis and the application of specific focus questions as well as understanding the importance of physical focus and the moment before.  Students should come to the workshop with at least one song prepared and have sent the PDF of the song-cut to me through Dropbox. I will provide an accompaniment track for the student from the PDF. There will also be discussion of how to find material that will be not only appropriate for you but will make available the distinction that is you."


dance prep class

Maggie Headshot.jpg

Taught by Nichole Chamberlain

"This workshop will focus on preparing you for the dance audition. Students will be introduced to terminology and technique commonly used in dance auditions and will work on mock audition combo’s where they will focus on learning choreography quickly, adding style to technique and learning how to really make an impact with their auditions. In addition we will cover audition etiquette, the difference between filmed and live dance auditions and how to find the dance education for you."




Our Q&A-based Panel Events are Stagedoor led by alumni attending known and less known college programs continuing their theater education in many ways around the country. Our events for 2022 are over, but we will return with more in the fall of 2023! In the meantime you are able to purchase the video recordings of all three of our 2022 events for a total of $50.

Past 2022 Events

Recording of All Three Events $50

West Coast Schools

Central Schools

East Coast Schools


Our interactive events are in a Q&A forum designed for parents of students applying to theater programs. These events will be led by our Stagedoor staff, who are experts in the theater college application process. Our interactive Q&A forums will include students who are Stagedoor alumni  in college programs pursuing theater education around the country.


There will be 3 events in total. Three events will include schools by region (West Coast, Central, and East Coast) and are designed to introduce students to programs they may have not already considered but stand out to Stagedoor as elite programs.

Please note that times and dates are subject to change.

For further questions, please email: 



 4 Connections $110

This program was designed to help students and parents navigate what can be a confusing and challenging application process for college theater programs. It is especially hard to get a feel for student life during this time. 


Our goal is to put Stagedoor Manor high school students in touch with our college alumni who have successfully traveled the distance and are eager to share their knowledge and experience. 


We will match you with 1-4 students available from our list of schools per your request. In addition, we’ll share over some cheat sheets and guidelines to make sure you’re getting the most out of this opportunity. This is a great way to find out about the schools you are interested in from students who actually attend these schools. 


The college application process is challenging and intimidating, made even more so by adding in auditions that come along with theater programs. We’re looking forward to connecting you with a friendly face who can help you through it all and give you some insight to make it easier!



Arts ED London

University of Alabama

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA)

Baldwin Wallace University 

Ball State University

Barnard College

Boston Conservatory at Berklee 

Boston University

California Institute of the Arts

Carnegie Mellon School of Drama

The University of Central Florida

Chapman University 

University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

Coastal Carolina University

Colgate University

Colorado College

University of Colorado Boulder

Connecticut College 

University of Central Florida

University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

Connecticut College 

Dartmouth College

Diablo Valley College

Elon University 

Emerson College 

Evansville University of Theater

Florida State University

Harvard University

The Harrt School - University of Hartford Ithaca

Ithaca College

Kenyon College

LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts)

Loyola Marymount University

Manhattan College

Marymount of Manhattan College

University of Miami 

University of Michigan

Michigan State

Middlebury College

Muhlenberg College

Nebraska Wesleyan University

University of New York - Tisch

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Northwestern University

Oberlin College

Pace University 

Point Park University

Radford University

Rider University

Rockford University

Roosevelt University

Savannah College of Art and Design

Shenandoah University

Smith College

University of Southern California 

Syracuse University

Temple State University

Trinity College in Dublin

Tufts University

Tulane University

UC Santa Cruz

University of Washington

Washington University

Wesleyan University 

West Chester University

Western Connecticut State University

Yale University

and many more...


JAmellio Headshot.jpg

Monologue Coach

Justin is an Associate Professor of Theatre and the Head of Performance for the Theatre & Dance department at Indiana University South Bend where he founded the department’s concentration in musical theatre performance (as a part of their B.F.A. degree offerings) and also specializes in teaching all levels of acting and directing.  A proud graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s M.F.A. program in Theatre/Movement Pedagogy and an Associate Member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, Justin is so excited to be working with Stagedoor on this new College Connection program. 

Marcus .jpg

   Vocal Coach  

Marcus graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music with a Master's Degree in Music Piano Performance in 1992. He learned the craft of being a music director in the vibrant theatre community of Cleveland and its numerous suburbs. On moving to New York in 2003, Mr. Baker has worked at all levels of theatre, from Assistant Music Director at the Arizona Theatre Company's production of Oh, Coward to 15 summers at Stagedoor Manor. Mostly working with students in educational theatre, Mr. Baker has spent 20 plus years working with young artists to bring it the best of their abilities acting through song. He is very excited to be a part of College Connections and continue this work. 

Maggie Headshot.jpg

Dance Coach

Maggie Savoie currently serves as the director of dance and has spent the last four summers as a choreographer at Stagedoor Manor. Maggie is a proud graduate of Otterbein University, where she earned her Bachelors in theatre with a concentration in choreography before moving to New York City. She currently teaches and choreographs in the city focusing on ballet, musical theatre and contemporary dance.  Maggie's choreography has been seen at Stagedoor Manor, Youth America Grand Prix, Otterbein University and at various theatres throughout the city. She has performed with BalletMet, Megan Doyle Dance, Mitra Dance and AbunDance. Maggie is so excited to be involved with College Connections and Stagedoor Manor Studios!


Advising & Material Coach

Nick Hrutkay currently serves as the Artistic Director of Underscore Theater; devises projects as a Teaching Artist with Quantum Theatre; and is the Education Director and Assistant Artistic Director for the internationally acclaimed Stagedoor Manor. His work has been seen across the country having directed over 75 productions at such theaters as Central Square Theater, The Huron Playhouse, The Kennedy Center, The Brick, Alchemical Studios, Keystone Repertory Theater, Hippodrome Theatre, Stagedoor Manor, Playwrights Local, and more. He has taught at various theater companies, including Stagedoor Manor, Hippodrome Theatre, Quantum Theatre, The Huron Playhouse, and Pittsburgh Musical Theater, where he was the Chair of the Acting Department for the PMT Conservatory. Among his awards he is the recipient of the 2010 Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival / Stage Directors and Choreographers Society Fellowship, a Broadway World Award for Best Director, and an ArtWorks Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Nick was previously the Artistic Director of The Huron Playhouse for several years, one of the longest running summer stock theaters in the United States, and is an associate member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. ​nickhrutkay.com