Our Q&A-based panel events are Stagedoor lead by alumni, professors, and admissions staff members from theater college programs around the country. 


Our interactive events are in a Q&A forum designed for parents of students applying to theater programs. These events will be led by our Stagedoor staff, who are experts in the theater college application process. Our interactive Q&A forums will include students who are Stagedoor alumni, professors, and admission staff members from theater college programs around the country.


There will be 6 events in total. Three events will include schools by region (West Coast, Central, East Coast) and are designed to introduce students to programs they may have not already considered but stand out to Stagedoor as elite programs.


The other three programs include: Vocal Teaching vs Vocal Coaching and the Art of Reading Music, Alternative Pathways in Theater (using your undergraduate degree to link to the many jobs in theater), How students have double majored and other degrees. 

Please note that times and dates are to be determined.

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